2017 Presentations for Download

In alphabetical order: 

Aaron Brower: Layers on Pasture

Alisa Crawford: Small Scale Milling

Ashley Autenreith: Wildlife Regulations and Services

Brad Morgan: Soil Health

Michelle Walk: Agritourism

Charles Gould: Reducing Farm Energy Expenses

Cody Holmes: Livestock Diversification

Cody Holmes: Planned Grazing

Collin Thompson & Abbey Palmer: Innovative Equipment Investment

Collin Thompson: Low Cost Season Extension

David Coveyou: Technology to Improve Farm Operations

Dean Baas: Grant Writing and SARE Grants

Denae Friedhaim and Jeremy Moghtader: Keep Those Veggies Growing: Growing for and Running a Successful Year-Round CSA

Erin Evesque & Bridget Kavanagh-Patrick: Relocalizing Fiber

James DeDecker: Integrated Deer Damage Management

Jason Rowntree: Grass Finishing

Jason Rowntree: Holistic Financial Planning

Jeff McCabe & Brian Bates: Effective Farm Finance

Jim Peters: Vineyard Establishment for Table or Wine Grapes

Kalin Sheick: Flower Farming

Kevin Gould: Harvesting and Feeding Untreated and Treated Corn Stover in Cattle Diets

Kristine Ranger: Soft Skills with Hard Strategies

Lance Kraai & Joel Schramm: Pizza Farming

Michael & Stephani Schulte: Hands-on Cattle

Monique Ferris: Hunting Access Program

Phil Britton: GroupGAP

Sandy & Paul Arnold: Wash/Pack Presentation

Sandy & Paul Arnold: Profitable Winter Tunnel Production through Good Soil Management

Sierra Bigham: Wild Edibles

Ted & Peggy Beals: Producing Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk

Tom Cary & Katie Brandt: Online Tools for Better Farm Management

Tony Aderman: Deer Management Assistance for Agricultural Producers