Andre Kitscher - Pork Production Panel slides

Aaron Brower - Pork Production Panel slides

Ben Cohen - Building a Sustainable Seed Community

Ben McMurray - AI in Pork Production

Bobbie Morrison and Natalie Garr - USDA Rural Development Grants

Bobbie Morrison and Natalie Garr - USDA Rural Development Grants 2

Brad Morgan - Composting to Balance Economical and Environmental Sustainability

Chris Butz - Ranching Exotic Livestock

Chris Kapp and Monica Jean - Assessing the Feasibility of Organic Grain Production in the U.P

Denae Friedheim and Sarah Geurkink - Weed Management for Small Scale Diversified Vegetable Operations

Kay Charter - How to Help Pollinators

Fred & Michele Monroe - Veggies and Vows

James DeDecker and Sieg Snapp - Targeting Tillage for Improved Soil Health and Crop Performance

Janae Ernst - Farmer Yoga: Supportive Practices for Working Bodies.

Joe Scrimger - Get the Most from Your Soil Amendments by Building Beneficial Biology

Julie Studier and Vicki Morrone - Organic Certification - Where to Start?

Kalin Sheick - Tell Your Story & Make Money Doing It — Stop comparing your business to everyone else & learn to navigate digital marketing with ease.

Kama Ross and Joshua Shields - Sustainable Management for your Woodlot

Katie Brandt - Finding and Acquiring Farmland

Mark Baker - Food Safety 101

Michael Fraleigh - Protecting Your Personal and Farm Assets from Legal Predators

Michelle Shackleford - Harvest/Post Harvest Handling of Flowers

Mike & Stefani Schulte - A Natural Hands On Approach to Cattle Handling

Rowan & Shailah Bunce - Flower Farming: Season Extension and Crated Lily Production

September Dykema - Season Extension in Flowers

Tom Cary - Sizing Up Your Farm - A Discussion of Equipment, Infrastructure, Costs & Strategy for Different Types of Vegetable Farms